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The Cybersecurity Council hosts cybersecurity professionals from Jordan

The Cybersecurity Council hosted a delegation of cybersecurity professionals visiting from Jordan last week on Tuesday, May 24th.

The meeting was made possible through collaboration with the San Antonio Council for International Visitors who organized the visit. Members of the Jordan delegation included private sector CEO’s, a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Expatriates, and a representative from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. The conversation revolved around educating our visitors on the cybersecurity ecosystem in San Antonio, highlighting public-private information sharing, and comparing cyber practices between the United States and Jordan.

This was a prime opportunity for members of the Chamber’s cybersecurity council to talk about the work their organization provides and discuss where they fit in the cybersecurity ecosystem, not just in San Antonio but nationally and internationally as well. Participants were able to have conversations relating to cyber infrastructure, information sharing, and workforce development. For San Antonio, members of the cyber council elaborated on the ongoing collaboration between private sector, public sector, military, and education providers to build the cyber talent pipeline, as well as adjustments their company made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Members of the Jordanian panel accentuated the involvement of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Jordan when it comes to supporting entrepreneurial opportunities, business growth, and recruitment of workforce talent.

The Chamber’s ongoing collaboration with international partners stems not only from San Antonio’s position as an international leader in key industry areas, but also San Antonio’s history of working with international partners to further the city’s economic growth. One of the most prominent examples is the city’s Casa San Antonio in Mexico City, a foreign trade office that establishes economic ties between the city of San Antonio and the country of Mexico. As it relates to cybersecurity, there are a growing number of countries and international companies outsourcing to the United States, the largest provider of cybersecurity in the world. In fact, in early 2022 the country of Albania announced it would hire a U.S. cyber firm to bolster its cybersecurity practices after a major leak of personal identifying information (PII) in December.

We would like to extend our thanks to Stephan Polinsky (SwRI), Dan Galvan (IP Secure), and Latasha Revis (Siver Solutions LLC) for their participation in our San Antonio Cybersecurity panel.

For more information on the Cybersecurity Council, click here.


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