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Greater Chamber Supports San Antonio-San Angelo Cyber Cooperation

Greater Chamber Vice President for Cybersecurity and Economic Development, Jeff Fair, traveled to San Angelo to support ongoing efforts to provide lessons learned in San Antonio’s growth of our cybersecurity industry. Angelo State University and several San Antonio-based members of the Greater Chamber Cybersecurity Council partnered to provide sustainable resources to organizations and citizens throughout the Concho Valley with the goal of becoming more cyber-resilient.

The Concho Valley Cybersecurity Roundup is a series of meetings over the last 18 months to unite leaders within the cybersecurity sector with our local leaders in education, business, non-profit and faith-based organizations, and critical infrastructure to strengthen cyber resilience through information sharing and networking. Dr. Greg White and Joe Sanchez from UTSA’s Cybersecurity program and the Cyber Texas Foundation respectively, initiated the partnership with San Angelo over a year ago and has kept the Greater Chamber Cybersecurity Council informed on progress. As the conferences moved to include industry and resiliency as a topic, organizers invited other members of the Council to participate and offered their experience in building a dynamic cybersecurity sector as part of a vibrant larger cybersecurity ecosystem in San Antonio.


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