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Council Talks Training, Small Business

The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Council met last week at Pape-Dawson Engineers to discuss cyber readiness trainings and tabletop exercises being conducted around the city. Council members heard from Jadin Tech LLC about their CyberWerx Academy and the Council’s Advocacy Focus Team Chair about the latest tabletop exercise the team led at the ARSOC.

To begin the meeting, Council Chair Larry Hurtado (EVP & Managing Director, QNext Corp USA) recapped the Council’s mission for 2023 and highlighted key initiatives the Council has been focusing on. He then introduced Scott Kastelic (Director of Global Operations) and Drew Buchanan (CISO) of Jadin Tech LLC to provide an overview of their CyberWerx Academy, a tailored learning experience dedicated to addressing the need for hands-on and immersive cybersecurity education. The program features operational training, range simulations, and an immersive experience in a top-notch lab environment. Instruction can be tailored to individuals looking to receive specialized training and/or certifications like CompTIA or packaged to address organization wide priorities and training. Classes are organized into three categories: professional certification, immersive cyber operations, and operational resilience. The academy offers in-person courses at the CyberWerx facility and online instructor led classes for those who cannot attend in-person. CyberWerx also has its own Cyber Range, a safe and virtualized environment designed to support both hands-on and tabletop training scenarios that can be tailored to client’s needs. Training done in the Cyber Range include: Simulated Advanced Cyber Threats, Business Continuity, Mission Survivability, Cyber Resilience, Vulnerability Reduction, and Penetration Testing. Fore more information visit the Jadin Tech LLC website, the CyberWerx website, or email

Following the presentation, Council Focus Team lead Cindy McClister shared takeaways from the last tabletop exercise conducted at the ARSOC with representatives from AACOG, City of San Antonio City Council Districts 4 and 10, City of Castle Hills, Office of Congressman Cuellar, Bexar County Precinct 3, and USAF 273rd COS. Attendees had a frank discussion on the importance of cyber resiliency and participated in a simulated ransomware event tabletop exercise to walk through crisis management scenarios and recovery.


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