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Council Discusses Robotics Cybersecurity

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Council met last week to discuss the securing of robotic systems. The Council was hosted by Capital Factory, located at Tech Port at Port San Antonio. Chair Larry Hurtado, founder of Evanesco, convened the meeting and welcomed our sponsor for the meeting, Chamber member Unite Private networks who detailed their work in San Antonio. They were followed by Stephanie Garcia from the Port who also organizes several robotics-related groups across our region. Stephanie shared some of the most innovative robotics companies in our city including Chamber member Ryan Saavedra, founder of Alt Bionics, a medical device company that aims to tackle the problem of high-cost prostheses by delivering affordable alternatives to the prosthetic market.

The Council then welcomed Victor Murray, a Senior Research Engineer from the Southwest Research Institute, who provided an in-depth account of his own research into securing robotic applications and the challenges in doing so. An engaging speaker, Murray, discussed how he personally has dealt with several robotics cybersecurity constructs and provided his vision for moving forward in a sector that is complex and faces challenges in technology and threats.

The Council also received updates from the Legislative Education and Advocacy Focus Team led by Cindy McClister. The Focus Team hosted a successful Executive Cybersecurity Seminar on September 30, making good on their commitment to do so earlier in the year after being challenged by Council Chair Larry Hurtado. A second session is being held soon again at the city’s Alamo Regional Security Operations Center.


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