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Chamber Hosts NSA Seminar

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a virtual introduction to doing business with the National Security Agency. The Chamber has worked to host this seminar since the 2022 SAtoDC trip, where Chamber staff took city leaders to NSA Headquarters for discussions about the community’s support for the NSA site in San Antonio, NSA-Texas. For this seminar, the Chamber partnered with UTSA’s Apex Accelerator, formerly known as the Procurement and Technical Assistance Center and hosted over 70 businesses from around our region.

The 90-minute session was based on a longer program NSA infrequently provides called the Pathway to Success. The no-cost event featured ways companies can learn about NSA’s needs and special programs to increase the agency’s industrial base. It included speakers from NSA’s acquisition resource center and business directorate. The NSA team who provided the training plan to be in San Antonio multiple times over the next year at conferences and trade shows. The Chamber is already planning a workshop with partners to bring more hands-on programming to interested businesses.

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