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ARNORTH Shares Cyber Way Forward

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce held a joint meeting of the Cybersecurity Council and the Military Affairs Council on Wednesday, December 7. Chairs Larry Hurtado and Rick Crider welcomed Col. David Lamy to discuss the growing role of cyber in the United States Army North (ARNORTH) mission. Col. Lamy was joined by Mr. Bob Naething, Deputy to the ARNORTH Commanding General. Both described the changi

ealities of preparing for a near-peer competitor internationally. ARNORTH’s defense of the homeland mission is hanging as threats evolve and the tools an adversary can use transform.

The Councils were also joined by Amanda Keammerer, the Managing Director of Gener8tor Cybersecurity, a new cybersecurity accelerator program in San Antonio. Gener8tor is a national company with a presence in 27 states but decided to expand into San Antonio because of the high concentration of cybersecurity professionals and small companies and startups in the area. Gener8tor is preparing for a new round of startup companies soon and is looking for people and companies to get involved as mentors and possible investors.


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