WGU College of IT survey for Bachelor’s and Master’s Data Analytics

WGU consistently reviews our skills and competencies to ensure our curriculum is relevant with current workforce needs. I am asking for your help and assistance in helping us refine the set of data science skills we have in both of our data analytics programs, the Bachelor’s degree in Data Management/Data Analytics and the Master’s degree in Data Analytics, by completing a short survey. This survey is about broad categories of tools, methods, and Power Skills used in data science as a function of industry. We understand data science skill needs vary by industry and sector and we intend to begin specializing our offerings to accommodate these needs. Your insights will help inform the information we have collected thus far. The survey will be most informative when completed by individuals in your organization who have direct knowledge of the skills and skill gaps present in your hiring for data science roles. If you feel you are not the best person in your organization to complete the survey, please feel free to forward to the individual(s) in your organization who are best suited to help with this survey.

The survey is anonymous – no information about the individual completing it nor which organizations they belong to are being captured. This survey is also being completed by members of a broader set of advisory council members across WGU (including state affiliate advisory councils, regional advisory councils, and the other councils in the College of IT); the resulting data set will be large enough to further inform organization-specific information.

The survey will expand somewhat based on the answers provided. The maximum number of questions is 40 and I anticipate it should take 15 minutes to complete. I ask that you or your colleagues complete the survey no later than December 21. If you have questions or concerns about the survey, please feel free to contact Eric Lagally ( or 801-555-1234) Academic Director and Associate Dean for the College of Information Technology at WGU.

The link to the survey is here: