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Looking Ahead with Cyber Future Foundation

Cyber Future Foundation (CFF) is a global organization that plans to host their 7th Annual Global Summit at Port San Antonio’s Innovation Center Arena in 2022. The Port has been a member of this group for the past year, and the organization boasts an impressive board and general membership makeup of cybersecurity professionals representing industry and top businesses from around the world. Pre-COVID, the CFF attracts roughly 300 international visitors from places like UK, Australia, Europe, and India for The Global Summit.

CFF works to be a talent enabler and cyber enabler. They offer cyber secure care packages to interested parties and work to offer mentorship programs and talent support to individuals working in cybersecurity. Their goal first and foremost is to benefit humanity, and they prove this by consistently striving towards a trusted future in cybersecurity. As their efforts right here in San Antonio push our city to become more aware of cybersecurity, we are eager to support and join forces with CFF as together, we work towards a better tomorrow.


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