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Cybersecurity Council Hosts Deloitte to Discuss AI in Cyber

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Council held a virtual meeting last week and heard from Deloitte on their San Antonio operations and the growing implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity.

To kick off the meeting, Council Chair Larry Hurtado, EVP & Managing Director of Qnext Corp USA, welcomed attendees and recapped some of the Council’s activities during the month of April. He then introduced Patrick Kirk who serves as Business Executive for Deloitte within the Defense, Security, and Justice division, and as Client Business Leader for the City of San Antonio within Texas. Patrick and his team provided an overview of Cyber services Deloitte offers, typically to the surprise of the general public. They also provided a brief recap of the recently released Cyber Trends & Intelligence Report 2022 that outlines latest trends in cybersecurity threats including ransomware tactics and use of “cyber armies”. To round out the presentation, one of Deloitte’s members highlighted work being done in their AI Exploration Lab located at Capital Factory in Austin. The Exploration Lab serves as an outlet to have training workshops on implementation of AI technology in businesses, collaborate with startups across Central Texas, and produce rapid prototyping and proof of concepts.

Thank you to Deloitte for taking the time to brief council members.


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