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Council Hosts Tech Talk

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend last week’s Tech Talk! Located at Capital Factory within Tech Port Center + Arena and presented by Booz|Allen|Hamilton, the event discussed the up-and-coming artificial intelligence and machine learning scene happening right here in San Antonio!

The event featured Greg McCulllough, Principal at Booz|Allen|Hamilton and Lt Col John Priestly, Material Leader and Unified Platform Director at LevelUP Code Works. Both Mr. McCullough and Lt Col Priestly covered the basics of how artificial intelligence and machine learning apply to their line of work, and more specifically the cybersecurity component of protecting their programs. Following the cybersecurity theme, the speakers emphasized the importance of workplace cybersecurity training, especially when it comes to recognizing phishing attacks and not falling victim to malware/ransomware. The greatest cybersecurity threat to any organization is human error, and when working with sensitive data it’s extremely important to mitigate any room for error.

Both speakers discussed the importance of normalizing data and making data usable for both AI and machine learning efforts. They talked about the importance of finding new ways to leverage AI and machine learning in cybersecurity efforts to include identifying human behavior that could pose a threat both externally and internally.


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