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Council Hosts First Executive Cybersecurity Seminar

After seven months of planning and development, The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Council hosted its first Executive Cybersecurity Seminar on Friday morning, September 30 at the Alamo Regional Security Operations Center (ARSOC). The group included Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda and members of the City of San Antonio and Bexar County staff. For our first seminar, the team also hosted several Cybersecurity Council members and cybersecurity practitioners in order to provide feedback on the seminar for improvements for the next session.

The Legislative Education and Advocacy Focus Team has been working to deliver the seminar since the beginning of the year. Cybersecurity Council Chair Larry Hurtado established it as one of his three priorities for the year based on feedback he received from stakeholders across the community. He recruited to amazing volunteers: Legislative Education and Advocacy Focus Team Chair Cindy McClister from PJR and lead seminar instructor and developer Rob Dodson from the Cyber Ops Training Academy, have been working tirelessly to hone the content and define the audience for the seminar.


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