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Congressman Gonzales Visits With CSSAtx

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce welcomed U.S. Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23) via zoom during our monthly Cybersecurity Council meeting last week, April 6, 2022. Industry leaders and council participants engaged in thorough discussion with Congressman Gonzales on various issues pertaining to San Antonio’s cyber industry: bridging the gap between large and small businesses’ access to cybersecurity, the evolving connections between industry and education providers in teaching cybersecurity, and how cybersecurity legislation at the federal level could impact San Antonio.

Additionally, Cindy McClister, the Council’s Advocacy Focus Team Chair, briefed attendees on the Council’s upcoming “DC to SA” initiative aimed at educating elected leaders on their staff on cybersecurity practices and San Antonio’s magnitude of importance in the field. The initiative will roll out in three stages, prioritizing meetings with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels respectively, and is expected to begin sometime this Fall.

This Cybersecurity Councill meeting was sponsored by BlackCloak: Concierge Cybersecurity Solutions. Offering digital executive protection for both companies and families, BlackCloak offers a Saas-based platform with white glove concierge support, protecting clients from targeted cyber-attacks, identity theft, online financial fraud, and other digital risks. To learn more about BlackCloack, visit their website.

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