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Cybersecurity Council

Did you know that San Antonio is the second largest cyber hub in the United States? The Cybersecurity Council fosters growth and development of the local cybersecurity industry and provides support and advocacy for legislative issues impacting the industry. The council also identifies and creates tech and cybersecurity  workforce and recruitment initiatives to meet future industry needs through collaboration with academic institutions, current businesses, and the military.

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2021 Chair

Rich Valdez, Chief Technology Officer, IPSecure


To learn more about our Cybersecurity Council, contact Jeff Fair

Cybersecurity San Antonio Vision

Housed in the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the CyberSecurity San Antonio program (CSSAtx) convenes, connects, and brands the cybersecurity ecosystem of San Antonio.

Founded in 2015 as a public-private partnership between the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, and industry partners, CSSAtx convenes a 300-member council on a monthly basis. In collaboration with a highly engaged stakeholders, CSSAtx unites and strategizes with the community through five core focus areas: military and government affairs, innovation and economic development, talent and workforce development, global engagement, and sustainability.

Interested in joining one of our working groups?  

Cybersecurity Council Working Groups

Global Engagement

This team works to support city and related organizations’ outreach to global partners...

Innovation and Workforce Development 

This team has two core functions – continue to build the ecosystem and ensure a healthy innovation sector...

This team focuses on some of the most daunting challenges in San Antonio right now...

Talent and Workforce Development

Military and Government Affairs

This team works to ensure government entities at all levels (local, state, and federal) and the military are connected to the San Antonio cybersecurity ecosystem...

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